Open Call for Contributions: 2017 Coaching Program for Very Early Stage Researchers

In 2017, ETT (Wiley) will launch a new exciting initiative devoted to very early stage researchers that wish to develop their own brilliant ideas related to Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. To this end, up to five candidates will be admitted to the program, selected based on their preliminary research ideas. Each candidate will be coached by a team ETT Editors to refine her/his research program, define clear objectives, schedule a work plan and, finally, pursue a journal publication that will appear in a Special Section of ETT (upon successful peer review).
If you are an early stage researcher and wish to apply, please send a summary of your idea to the Editor in Chief of ETT within 28 February 2017:
The application should include:

• Cover page (1 page): name, surname, and affiliation of the applicant, potential coinvestigators and/or advisors if any;
• Full list of publications (1 page) of the applicant, co-investigators, and advisors;
• Description of the research idea (up 2 A4 pages, single column, 10 pt font), made of:

  • summary of the state of the art;
  • technical motivations behind the proposal;
  • description of any implementation developed by the applicant related to the proposed idea;
  • expected technical outcomes;
  • expected impact from a technological perspective;
  • use cases of interest.


  1. The aim of the program is to help novice researchers that need further coaching to transform their interesting research ideas to high quality scientific articles.
  2. Applicants can be admitted if (and only if) they did not author any published scientific journal article up to the date of the application (note that they can have published conference papers).
  3. If the applicant already has an advisor, a recommendation letter from the tutor is required to accept this initiative and (if interested) a declaration stating her/his willingness in co-coaching the activities of the applicant.
  4. Applications will be ranked based on:
    a. Originality of the proposal;
    b. Development degree of proposed ideas;
    c. Prior publications on the subject by the applicant;
    d. Prior publications on the subject by co-investigators and advisors;
    e. Relevance to the ETT aim & scope;
    f. Degree of admissibility of the application based on Remark 1.
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